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Learn how this Spartacus star transformed herself by channeling her inner badass and how you can, too

Star Power

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Rehearsing lines, trying on costumes, learning a new accent: just a day's work for an actress. But for her role in the Starz network series Spartacus, Cynthia Addai-Robinson had to get far more physical. In the show's final season, airing this January, her character, Naevia, has undergone a huge transformation: Once an obedient servant, she emerges as a tough gladiator—wielding swords and battling men twice her size. So Cynthia had to transform as well.

Celebrity Fitness Faux Pas

"I wasn't aware of the level of physicality it was going to get to," says Cynthia, whose pre-Spartacus fitness routine was more low-impact, favoring things like Pilates, yoga, and hiking. "I had to catch up to my own character. She is a fierce rebel fighter, and I had to believably portray that." These four tricks helped her nail the part. Use them to hit your own goals head-on.

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