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Body Image and Self Confidence

8 Ways to Adore Your Body More

Banish insecurity with head-to-toe tips for instantly upgrading your appearance, dressing 5 pounds thinner, and making your posture say “Watch out, world”

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You eat right, work your butt off at the gym, and pride yourself on looking put together. Still, there are days when you swear last night’s dessert is staring back at you in the mirror or wonder if any amount of P90X will ever shrink the hips you’ve inherited from your grandmother. These are the moments you wish Photoshop worked in real life.

While you can’t banish insecurities with a magic wand, you can boost yourself out of a body-shaming slump with so little effort that it may actually seem like magic. Smile, stand up tall, pay your coworker a compliment, or schedule a haircut. The following tips will help you look better, feel bolder, and love your body just a little more.

Whether you just celebrated the big 2-0 or the big 5-0, here’s how to look great at any age.

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