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8 Diet and Exercise Mistakes That Are Aging You

If you pick doughnuts over fruit and would rather sweat than stretch you could be adding years to your looks

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Eating too much sugar certainly isn’t wise for your waistline, but did you know that overindulging in dessert can add years to your face? And even if you do strenuous cardio workouts each week, you’ll be missing out on potential anti-aging body benefits if your exercise schedule doesn’t include yoga, weight training, and rest.

“Good nutrition is a fundamental building block of healthy skin,” explains Leslie Baumann, MD, a Miami Beach dermatologist. The natural ingredients in whole foods such as romaine lettuce and strawberries help increase cell turnover, and boost production of collagen fibers to help keep skin smooth and firm. Conversely, foods with little-to-no nutritional benefits, like sugar-packed doughnuts, can actually damage the collagen and elastin that keep skin firm and youthful.

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Even if your diet is wholesome, you could be making exercise mistakes that age you as well. For example, if you only do cardio at the expense of other types of exercise, like yoga and strength-training, you may be missing out on important skin-protective benefits.

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