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Working Out and Training in Cold Weather

7 Ways to Stick to Winter Workouts

Wintertime presents a multitude of challenges to your weekly workout routine. Here’s the pro advice on staying active when your body wants to hibernate

Try Something New

Maybe you’ve walked by the Pilates or yoga studio and wondered if it’s for you. Or perhaps the spin class that goes on everyday piques your interest. What about swimming? Winter is the time to find out. Take a chance and mix up your routine.

“If you are a single-sport athlete, you have a lot to gain by mixing it up in the winter,” says Kohler. “You will work different muscle groups, switch gears, and learn a new activity. We recommend cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, hiking in the snow, and mountain biking on packed snow to our clients. Anything that challenges the body to move in a way that it isn’t accustomed to moving is good for your overall fitness.”

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