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7 Ways to Mix Up Your Workout

Bored of the treadmill and elliptical? Us, too. Here are 7 overlooked options that can fast-track your results when boredom strikes

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7 Ways to Mix Up Your Workout // rowing machine © Corbis Images

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All of us are guilty of getting into a fitness rut at one point or another—myself included. But if you’ve been doing the same workout without results, it’s time to switch up your game. The good news: The treadmill and elliptical aren’t the only cardio kids on the block. In fact, there are quite a few cardio machines and fitness tools gathering dust in gyms that offer a workout as intense as running, says Chris Freytag, personal trainer and Prevention contributing editor. From the tried-and-true StairMaster to an overlooked childhood go-to—the hula-hoop!—here are 7 ways to shake up your slim-down.

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