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7 Reasons to Sign Up for a Spring Race

Setting your sights on a spring foot or bike race readies you for success throughout the year—and training for one can whip you into shape STAT

Cross the Season’s First Finish Line To…

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With ice melting away from sidewalks and daylight lasting past 5 p.m., now is the perfect time to commit to your first running or bike race of the year—or maybe your first ever. Whether you're looking for a way to rejuvenate January's fitness resolutions, craving a new challenge, or already thinking about that bikini you have balled up in the back of your dresser drawer, slapping an event date on the calendar can add fuel to your late-winter workouts and inch you closer to a time, distance, or weight loss goal. "Competition pushes people further than what they think they can do, and makes them work out more diligently and consistently," says Kendra Wenzel, a head cycling coach at Wenzel Coaching in Portland, OR. Stop second-guessing yourself and stalling on registration—consider these seven advantages to taking on a spring race, then hit "submit" already.

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