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Indoor Running: Treadmill Training

4 Treadmill Workouts That Are Actually Fun

Running in place doesn’t have to be a snooze. Fitness experts offer a few workouts that will take your routine off autopilot

Take Your Runs Indoors!

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As the temperature drops and daylight hours dwindle, thoughts turn indoors. And when it comes to exercise, the treadmill is a reliable go-to option for cardio. Problem is, the second your foot hits the speeding belt you’ll remember why you were elated to head outside last spring: Running in place can be really boring.

But it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of ways to mix up your indoor run to engage your brain and maximize results. “The treadmill is convenient and allows people to exercise in all sorts of climates,” says Bill Pierce, director of the Furman Institute of Running and Scientific Training and author of Run Less, Run Faster. “And you can be creative with how to use it.” Here, running and fitness experts offer suggestions for how to spice up the time you spend on the treadmill.

Tone your thighs with this treadmill workout!

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