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Winter Running, Cycling, and Walking

25 Ways to Winterize Your Workout

Maintain fitness (sans frostbite) by transitioning your walking, running, or cycling routine to the gym during cold and snowy months

Simulate the Great Outdoors

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If you happen to live in a part of the country that’s blanketed by snow between January and April, it can feel nearly impossible to stick to a year-round outdoor exercise routine. While there are some benefits to working out in the cold, blustery air and treacherous icy pavement can make working out inside a lot more appealing. To help you make the most of your indoor exercise, we talked to fitness experts about how to use your gym’s cardio equipment to mimic outdoor conditions for fitness walking, running, and cycling. Here, what you need to know about treadmill settings, injury prevention, and beating the winter blahs. (Video: Winter sports with big calorie burns)

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