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How to Get Energy and Fight Fatigue

22 Ways to Boost Energy Instantly

Instead of reaching for coffee or a sugary snack when you hit a slump, sit up straight, take a deep breath, and gulp a glass of cold water. Here’s your all-day guide to fighting fatigue the healthy way

Feel Awake All Day

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If you’ve ever skimped on your 7.5 hours of slumber, pushed yourself too hard during a midday workout, or spent the day camped out in a swivel chair with your eyes glued to a computer screen, you’ve surely encountered the infamous energy crash. And while reaching for Red Bull or scrounging for sugar may seem like the panacea, the effects of your quick fix may be short-lived. A better way to rally: Keep your body moving and filled with foods that help stabilize blood sugar and energy levels throughout the day. Here, experts share tips for staying alert from morning till night.

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