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12 Airports That Help You Stay Fit on the Fly

Instead of hitting the food court between flights, you can pump iron, go for a stroll or roll out your yoga mat at these fitness-forward hubs

San Francisco International Airport

12 Airports That Help You Stay Fit on the Fly  // travelers walking through an airport © Thinkstock

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Long lines, flight delays, and the anticipation of spending hours at 30,000 feet make many travelers tense. But if you’ve got time to kill at SFO, you can let it all go. In January 2012, the airport opened a yoga room in terminal two. The 150-square-foot space is dimly lit with mirrored and blue-hued walls, and is free to ticketed passengers once they pass through security. It’s equipped with yoga mats, but no instructors or televisions. Visitors are advised to remove their shoes and leave all food, drinks, and mobile phones outside the room to keep the zone as peaceful as possible.

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