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10 Questions You Need to Ask Before Joining a Gym

Learn how to navigate sales pitches, decipher contracts, save money, and find a gym that will help you reach the results to resolved to achieve

Tell me about your group fitness instructors.

Seventy-eight percent of gym facilities surveyed in the 2010 IDEA Fitness Programs and Equipment Trends offer group fitness options and classes. “Group exercise is probably the most important component of a health club,” says McCall. A gym should rave about their talented trainers and instructors the same way they would their latest piece of equipment. Anyone can teach a boot-camp class, but a former Navy SEAL will provide a much better experience than a guy who took a course online. If you’re joining a gym primarily for its yoga classes, make sure you find out the styles of yoga their teachers specialize—you don’t want to sign a contract expecting 12 months of energizing Vinyasa or Ashtanga yoga only to find out all they offer is slow-paced Hatha.

Another key component to group fitness’ success is the instructor’s ability to motivate class participants. Chris Usiak, New York Director of Sales for Equinox, warns against clubs that fail to post instructors on their class schedule. “That person needs to motivate you. How are you supposed to commit to fitness program if a regular instructor isn’t committed to your success?”

“A treadmill doesn’t know you’re there,” says McCall. “You have no emotional connection to a treadmill. But the instructor is there reminding you to watch out for your bad knee, or pushing you to stretch just a little bit further. It really adds value to your gym membership when you have the opportunity to build a relationship with your instructor.”

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