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8 People Who Should Have Their Gym Memberships Revoked (PHOTOS)

Putting in the effort and getting to the gym -- that's admirable. Staying and making your sweat session worth it? That's a whole other beast. Sometimes it may feel super hard to get past the first 5 minutes on the StairMaster. The good news? We've gone out and found a few people who are slacking on their fit game a bit harder than you. Warning: Laugh central ahead.

1. WHO showed you this was the right way to use the hip adductor machine?

2. We may not be able to see your face, but those heels make me CRINGE.

Woman walking on the treadmill in heels

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3. Two words: Stationary. Bike. 

Man wearing helmet on stationary bike

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4. In Planet Fitness terminology: "LUNK ALERT!"

Man overlifting weights

5. Step one: Sit in the SEAT. Step two: Look at machine guidelines.

Woman misusing gym equipment

6. Ouch.

Man falling at the gym

7. Jen Selter does have a famous booty now (and 2 million+ Instagram followers to prove it!). But if I were to see her doing this at the gym, I'd probably roll my eyes.

Jen Selter 

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8. OK, so this one's pretty sweet. But I'm admittedly concerned. Should this man have a spot or something?

Man dancing on the treadmill at Planet Fitness

Sure, it's easy to laugh at these peoples' expense. However, it is super important that you have the right technique when hitting the gym. Take a looksee Fitbie's exercise finder for step-by-step instructions on how to do dozens of moves and workouts the RIGHT way. 

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