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Kris Humphries is Back in the Game

With Kim in the past, he prepares to shine in Brooklyn

Kris Humphries
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"This ball weighs a thousand pounds!" Kris H

Humphries yells as he rips a medicine ball from midair, squats, and launches it back overhead. "I'm doing a lot of the same training as last year," he says, his sweat pooling on the floor. "But I'm going harder, getting stronger, and becoming more explosive."

The drill is meant to mimic a putback—the rebound-and-score maneuver at the heart of every power forward's arsenal—and the 6'9" Nets star attacks it like a man who has something to prove. And by his own admission, he does.

Rebounding, after all, is something Humphries did a lot of last season—both on and off the court, thanks to his 72-day marriage to reality TV star Kim Kardashian. But instead of becoming mired in angst, he poured himself into his work. "And the harder I'd train, the longer I'd play," says Humphries, who averaged double-digit rebounds and points every game.
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Focus on a goal

The realization that training effort correlates with court time (perhaps even more so than natural talent) triggered something in Humphries. Working out became more than just a job requirement. It became an obsession—the road to his salvation. "That's when I started doing three-a-days," he says.

He spends mornings in the pool to boost endurance. Afternoons he heads to the weight room to build total-body power, strength, and stamina. "In the evenings I hit the track," he says. Humphries hopes his track time will give him an edge when he's running the floor in the Nets' new home. "I'm excited about Brooklyn," he says. "I'm ready to battle in the paint for the city."

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Always look forward

After several grueling sets of putbacks, pushups, and battling ropes, Humphries finishes today's strength workout with pull-ups. "I'm trying to get to 25 per set," he grunts, faltering on number 19. Next stop is a local football field for sprint and agility drills. No sleep till Brooklyn. "The Nets are underrated," he says. "We're going to prove a lot of people wrong this year."

This past July, the Nets extended Humphries's contract for a reported 2 years and $24 million. The way he sees it, what he owes in return is simple: "I'm going to keep putting the team first and making big plays," he says. "And I expect us to be in the playoffs." Just for the record, so does Brooklyn.

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