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His Cardio Machines Generate Electricity

Industrial engineer Jay Whelan, founder of The Green Revolution, Inc., is an innovator in the fitness industry who developed a spin bike that creates electricity

Nissan Innovation for Endurance Men's Health blogger Tom Holland interviews Jay Whelan, founder of The Green Revolution, Inc., about his innovation: a spin bike that harnesses the power of pedaling to generate electricity. Jay's background as an industrial engineer allowed him and a friend to create a prototype within months of Jay coming up with the idea for a bike that could generate electricity, and also offset the power output of gyms, making them more green. Want to make your workouts more environmentally friendly? Visit egreenrevolution.com to find out more about Jay's innovation and where you can find his bikes. For more innovations in health, fitness, cycling, running, and the environment, go to Nissan Innovation for Endurance at facebook.com/innovationforendurance, where you can enter for your chance to win a 100% electric Nissan LEAF or one of our weekly gear giveaways!

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