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Body Fat Calculator

Find out whether your body fat is on target.

The 10-Minute Ab Workout That Anyone Can Do

This is not your standard core routine

Man Holds a Plank for Ridiculously Long, Sets New World Record

Remember that 30-second plank you did during last week's workout? Imagine holding that parallel-to-the-ground position 538 times as long. Get this: There's a new Guinness World...

Khloe Kardashian Can Thank This for Her Sexy Six-Pack Abs (PHOTO)

It's no secret that Khloe Kardashian has been hitting the gym hard extra hard over the past year or so. If you follow the youngest sister on Instagram, you've been plagued...

A Killer Abs Workout You Can Do at Home

This fat-burning routine will tone up your midsection in time for warmer weather.

Brooke Burke's Cinching Ab Workout

Brooke Burke has had a long year. After recently battling thyroid cancer, the actress, entrepreneur, and mother of four was unexpectedly let go 'Dancing With the Stars.'...

5 Moves For Fierce Upper Abs

Kate Hudson isn't afraid to flaunt her midriff (see: seriously stylish...

Zac Efron

A Shirtless Zac Efron Gives Us Serious Ab Envy (PHOTOS)

Getting washboard abs is an impressive feat, to say the least. A stomach like that takes dedication, a lot of time, and a pretty strict diet to boot (trim the belly fat with this...

2014 Oscars Fashion Makes Us Want to Hit the Gym Hard

Understatement of the century: The fashion at last night's Oscars was on point. Seriously, I don't think I've ever seen so many A-listers gathered in one...

workout challenge

10-Minute Workout Challenge

Pressed for time? Cut down the length of your workout by kicking up the intensity with this creative twist on a...

abs: jorge cruise picture

5-Minute Tummy Toning Workout

Pressed for time? You can still whittle your middle. Just pick an efficient routine like the one below from ...

Jay Cardiello: Abs Workout

The 4 Best Abs Moves You’ve Never Done

Reinvent your core workout with this killer 10-minute series created by celebrity fitness trainer Jay Cardiello

woman exercising with kettle bell

15-Minute Workout: Get in Killer Shape With Kettlebells

This kettlebell routine will earn you a balanced—and bangin'—physique in 15 minutes

high-intensity workout: woman exercising

Drop Two Sizes!

Shed stubborn pounds fast with this revolutionary new workout plan (no running involved!)

Exercise for weight loss

Slow It Down To Tone All Around

Get the most out of every workout move with this simple timing tweak

Fat torching winter workout

The Superfast Fat Torching Winter Workout

Start the day off right with this routine that trims, tones, and burns off stress in minutes


4 Pilates Moves for Every Body

Steal these moves from “Scandal” star Kerry Washington’s instructor


15-Minute Workout: Toned To The Core

Hitting your muscles from all angles is the abs-olute best way to sculpt a tight, sexy midsection

Susan Francia rowing

Tone Your Core with this Olympian-Inspired Workout

Score rock-hard abs like Olympian Susan Francia's!

Woman exercising

Yoga for Everyday Athletes

Yoga builds muscle, improves flexibility, and fends off injury. This workout will do the same for you!

Jillian Michaels' fat burning core workout

Jillian Michaels' Ab Sculpting Core Workout

These four amazing sculpting moves from America's super trainer help you burn fat and calories and get chiseled abs

He Dropped 30 Pounds of Fat … and Took Home Cash!

An executive chef finds competition and monetary rewards are the key ingredients for losing weight.

4 Ways to Lose Stubborn Belly Fat

Sick of sucking it in? This fat-blasting protocol from Drs. Jade and Keoni Teta can banish your belly once and for all.

weight loss success: jorge cruise after picture

He Dropped 40 Pounds and Wrote a Diet Book

Before Jorge Cruise penned his best-selling fitness series, he transformed his own body—and life

"I Lost 45 Pounds and Improved My Golf Game!"

A life on the road caused golf pro Karen Stupples to pack on the pounds. But a few simple food swaps helped her go from a size 12 to a size 4!

weight loss: Christina Taylor after picture

"Facebook Helped Me Slim Down"

For Christina Taylor, the internet provided a surprising source of weight-loss support

"I Discovered My Fitness Passion—And Dropped 30-Plus Pounds!"

Paula David hated exercise until she trained for her first 5-K. Now she's hooked on running and off cholesterol meds

before and after pictures Natombi Simpson

"Zumba Transformed My Body--I lost 90 Pounds and Counting!'"

Natombi Simpson believed that she'd never be less than a size 24. Now she's a size 8!

weight loss success Keoni Hudoba

This Personal Trainer Danced Off 142 Pounds

Keoni Hudoba sang and danced his way from obesity to a career in fitness

weight loss success Michael Knight

He Dropped 89 Pounds and Found a Career in Fitness

A chronic overeater, Michael Knight went from being an obese bodybuilder to a celebrity trainer

Weight loss success Gina Crome

She Lost 172 Pounds and Became a Dietitian

Dropping half her body weight inspired Gina Crome to help others overcome their own weight struggles

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