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5 Fitness Habits You Should Steal from Him

The secret to losing weight like a man: Work out like one. Pick up these gym lessons from the guys and watch the pounds melt away

Lose Weight Like a Guy

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When a guy decides to get back in shape, it takes just a few gym sessions before he sprouts muscles Hulk-style beneath his t-shirt. At least that’s what it feels like to us as we women sweat through daily spin classes without seeing a shred of difference.

The solution: Man up, and take your workout to the next level. Mother Nature may have given men the advantage when it comes to muscle-building and weight loss-promoting testosterone levels, but don’t chalk it all up to biology. Guys hit the gym harder and more frequently than women, says Jennifer Widerstrom, NASM-C.P.T., who trains celebrities at Pulse Fitness Studios in Los Angeles. Plus, they’re typically better at setting aside time and making physical fitness a priority

To tip the scales in your favor, try adopting these five fitness habits of the opposite sex as your own. These “guy behaviors” will help rev up your metabolism, burn more calories, and get rid of those love handles for good.

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