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Your Workout Menu Plan

Get more from your fitness routine by filling up on foods and drinks that can help hurry recovery and improve results

Fuel Your Body for Max Results

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Want to enhance your workout with your diet? What you eat, when, can make a difference in the results you see in the mirror, and especially how you feel the next day, according to nutritionist Tara DelloIacono-Thies, RD, a sports nutritionist for Clif Bar company.

5 Minute flat belly meals

We got the lowdown on protein shakes, energy bars, energy gel, and, yes, real food to find out how to tailor your diet to your workout plan. The following options can help speed recovery, boost energy, increase endurance, enhance performance, and, at the very least, stop your stomach from rumbling when you’re working out.

Stock up on these picks, and follow our advice on when to fill up with each. Ready, set, eat!

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