Foods That Cause Weight Gain

The Worst Sandwiches in America

These waistline-expanding stackers are the absolute worst concoctions you can find between two pieces of bread

Blimpie BLT 12” Super Stacked

1,270 calories
82 g fat (18 g saturated fat)
2,870 mg sodium
84 g carbohydrates

BLT, indeed! Eat this and you'll be Bigger, Larger, and Tubbier. You’ll ingest more sodium in one sandwich than you should eat in an entire 24-hour period, not to mention a day's worth of saturated fat—the equivalent of 18 strips of bacon! Swap in the smaller BLT and drop the “Super,” and you’ve got a sandwich your belly will thank you for. There's another lesson here: Don't assume that if you double the size of a meal, you're doubling the nutritional qualities (or lack thereof). In this case, the 12-incher is overstuffed, so you're actually tripling the calorie, fat, and sodium counts! Yikes!

Eat This Instead!
BLT 6”
430 calories
22 g fat (5 g saturated)
960 mg sodium
43 g carbohydrates