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Willpower for Weight Loss

How to Prevent a Pig Out

Your best weight-loss intentions will inevitably come face-to-face with temptation. Learn to boost your willpower, and keep the pounds off

Don't cave to cravings!

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It was right there for the taking. After a 5-mile group run, I drove past my favorite takeout place. My stomach was craving—no, demanding—food. A lot of it. I had a recovery shake waiting for me at home, but this was so much faster. Besides, I deserved a reward for burning off almost 800 calories. (Search: The best foods to eat after a workout) What's wrong with a tasty payoff for my commitment to health? I turned into the drive-thru lane.

My willpower had failed me. Yes, it had gotten me to my run on time, but it vanished when I needed it most. Any gains I'd made I gave right back. Why couldn't I say no?

It turns out that willpower isn't simply dense moral fiber. The latest science suggests it's found in the soft gray matter of your frontal lobe, where good decisions are made and poor choices are rejected. Your willpower is tough. It helps you fight temptation, prevent binges, choose food wisely, and stay motivated. But it's a finite resource. Nurture it, maintain it, and deploy it with this six-point plan.

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