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Healthy Eating Tips: Adopting a Clean Diet

The Truth About Clean Eating

Move over, raw foods and detox drinks. A clean diet is an easier approach to eating right and feeling better. Learn the basics before writing your next grocery list

Lose Weight Naturally, But Don't Obsess

There are countless benefits to eating more whole, natural foods: increased energy, improved immunity, lower risk of disease, and yes, loss of a few pounds. “Weight loss comes naturally when you cut out junk food and high-calorie processed foods,” says Welland. “For this reason, you don’t have to worry so much about cutting calories.” If you’re eating fresh fruits and vegetables, reducing foods high in fat or sugar (which are also high in calories), and having small meals throughout the day, you’ll be more likely to lose weight. Focus on looking and feeling better instead of obsessing over the scale.

Eating foods that are higher in fiber and richer in nutrients and healthy fats contribute to feeling fuller, longer, says Kleiner. Plus, sugar and fats have a tendency to make you feel sluggish, so limiting them can make your body function better, which means you’ll feel more energized and be more likely to exercise, she adds.

VIDEO: Organize your kitchen for weight loss success.

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