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What Not To Eat

Top 10 Worst Supermarket Foods

The next time you're at the grocery store cruise right past these ridiculously unhealthy items

Grocery Store Gut Bombs

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Want to know the quickest way to lose 20, 50, even 100 pounds? No, not dieting. No, not surgery. You can do it by thinking.

Don’t believe me? Then meet Tim Wadsworth. He stripped 92 pounds of flab off his body in just 12 months by walking a little more and flipping through Eat This, Not That! on his weekly trips to the local supermarket.

What Tim learned is that the supermarket is like a county fair. Roll your cart down the aisles and you're assaulted by bright lights, enticing smells, and shameless hucksterism ("Nine vitamins and minerals! Everyone's a winner!"). The typical supermarket boasts roughly 45,000 unique food items, and nearly every one presents itself as healthier than it truly is, with fancy fonts, earthtone colors, and misleading front-of-package images to convince you that they're better than flab-forming junk foods. Tim learned not to fall for it—to listen to his brain instead of his stomach. You can, too.

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Consider these 10 popular grocery items. By choosing slightly different versions of them, you can save more than 3,800 calories. That’s more than a pound of weight loss in one day’s shopping trip. If you go to the market twice a week, like most Americans, you’d save enough calories to lose—I’m not kidding—more than 100 pounds in the coming year. When you know the smartest choices to make when it comes to your favorite foods, it's easy to melt belly fat without dieting.

Learn how to make more healthy food swaps with Eat This, Not That!

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