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20 Easy Ways to Cut Sugar Intake

Scale back on the sweet stuff without ditching soft drinks, chocolate, or dessert

Sugar-Slashing Strategies

20 Easy Ways to Cut Sugar Intake // teaspoon of sugar © Thinkstock

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From the sweetener you stir into your morning coffee to the after-dinner dessert you can’t resist, the amount of sugar you consume between breakfast and bedtime adds up quickly. Americans down more than 22 teaspoons a day, according to the USDA, which is more than double what experts recommend. At the same time, research links diets high in added sugar to increased risk for diabetes, heart attack, and stroke. So what’ the best way to slash sugar without sending your relentless sweet tooth into shock? “Save your sweet budget for things that taste great, like dessert,” suggests Jacob Teitelbaum, MD, author of Beat Sugar Addiction Now! Use the following strategies to cut sugar where it won’t be missed and ward off cravings without feeling deprived. (More: Hidden Sugar in Healthy Foods)

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