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Insulin Resistance and Blood Sugar Levels

12 Surprising Ways to Beat Diabetes

Find out how cutting fat, finding a roommate, and catering to a caffeine habit can slash your risk for type 2 diabetes

Stay Away from Cigarettes

Cigarette smokers have a 44 percent greater risk for developing type 2 diabetes compared with non-smokers, according a review of 25 studies published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. And the more you smoke, the higher your risk. Twenty or more cigarettes a day pushed diabetes risk up to 61 percent, while lighter smokers had a 29 percent risk compared with nonsmokers. Scientists aren’t sure whether smoking spurs the development of type 2 diabetes or whether smokers are more likely to be lax about diet and exercise. However, passive smoking also puts you at risk. Adults who are exposed to secondhand smoke have higher rates of type 2 diabetes than nonsmokers with no exposure, according to a study from Charles R. Drew University in Los Angeles.

Break Bad Habits to Beat Belly Fat

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