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Insulin Resistance and Blood Sugar Levels

12 Surprising Ways to Beat Diabetes

Find out how cutting fat, finding a roommate, and catering to a caffeine habit can slash your risk for type 2 diabetes

Steer Clear of Creepy Chemicals

Before your toss a bottle of moisturizer or nail polish into your shopping basket, check the label for any compound ending in “phthalate.” Phthalates are a group of chemicals found in personal care products such as some soaps, hair sprays, perfumes, moisturizers, and nail polishes that can mess with your hormone levels. People with higher concentrations of phthalates in their bodies have a higher risk for developing diabetes than those with lower levels of the chemical, according to recent studies published in Diabetes Care and Environmental Health Perspectives. Researchers suggest that some phthalates mess with the production of insulin in the pancreas.

Why Your Body Clings to Stubborn Fat

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