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Insulin Resistance and Blood Sugar Levels

12 Surprising Ways to Beat Diabetes

Find out how cutting fat, finding a roommate, and catering to a caffeine habit can slash your risk for type 2 diabetes

Switch to Brown Rice

The more white rice you eat on a regular basis, the greater your risk will be for developing type 2 diabetes, according to Harvard School of Public Health researchers who studied the trend in both Asian countries (China and Japan) and Western countries (the United States and Australia). Their study showed that each 158 g (about 2/3 cup) serving of rice increased risk by 10 percent. Because Asian countries eat an average of four portions of white rice a day, researchers believe they are at particularly high risk for developing diabetes. The scientists suggest that people who fill up on white rice aren’t taking in as many diabetes-fighting nutrients, like fiber, magnesium, and vitamins, as they would be if they ate brown rice.

White rice also has a bigger effect on blood sugar because it breaks down more quickly than brown rice. To help your body recover from insulin resistance, opt for carbs that release sugar into your blood more slowly, advises Barnard. Beans, fruit, non-starchy vegetables, and whole grains are good examples.

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