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Juicing for Weight Loss

How to Make Slimming Juices at Home

Learn the right way to liquify produce to pack more fruits and veggies into your diet—and lose more weight

Drink More Vegetables Than Fruit

To keep calories low, pack your juices with green vegetables and cucumbers, using only a small amount of fruit to mask their flavor. (Bing: Find the healthiest vegetables.) “For an everyday, general-health juice, at least 75 percent should come from veggies,” says Jake Mabanta, chef and co-owner of Love Grace, a bottled juice company. “Asparagus, tomato, golden beets, and red cabbage are just a few veggies that are great to juice but are often forgotten.”

To sweeten things up, start by adding a chunk of fruit (like an apple), instead of a whole one, says Pat Crocker, author of The Juicing Bible. Adding just a quarter of a lemon can also help smoothe out the flavors of vegetable juice and make it really creamy, she says.

Remember, though: Vegetables contain calories, too. Use beets and carrots in small amounts, as they're densely packed with sugars.

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