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6 Healthy-Sounding Foods That Aren’t

Health food hoaxes you're falling for

Food Label Lies

6 Healthy-Sounding Foods That Aren’t	 // food label © Thinkstock

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Don Draper never claimed to be a nutritionist. But what’s the line between clever marketing and misleading claims? (8 Ways to Avoid Sneaky Supermarket Tricks) That’s the question at hand in the ongoing lawsuit against the maker of 7UP. The lawsuit claims that 7UP’s “Cherry Antioxidant,” “Mixed Berry Antioxidant,” and “Pomegranate Antioxidant” varieties misled customers.

That made us think: what other dubious claims on packages allow junk food to masquerade as health food? With help from Ilyse Schapiro, M.S., a registered dietitian in private practice in the New York City area, we got the scoop on six suspect phrases you’ve seen in the supermarket. (Eat smart, get slim with this free two-week plan: 400 Calorie Fix.)

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