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2012 Diet Trends

The 12 Best and Worst Diet Trends of 2012

Planning to make over your refrigerator in 2013? First, learn some lessons from the best and worst nutritional trends of the past year

The Worst: Cutting Carbs

Your body needs carbs. But Jennifer Lopez, Giselle Bundchen, and Princess Kate Middleton seemed to have missed the message. The French version of Atkins, the Dukan Diet is a four-stage, protein-based diet that includes a list of about 100 allowed foods. After eating only from a list of protein-rich foods, the Dukan Diet later includes some fruits, vegetables, and some starchy foods. While it can result in short-term weight loss as the body switches to burning fat as its primary fuel—just like with Atkins—the weight comes right back when the diet ends. And more troubling than your waistline on the diet is your health: Without carbohydrates—your primary source of energy—your body is forced to run off of ketones, little carbon fragments created by the breakdown of fat, causing bad breath, dry mouth, tiredness, weakness, dizziness, insomnia, calcium loss, and nausea, Giancoli says.

Bottom Line: Let’s say it one more time: Carbs are not the enemy. “A healthy diet is balanced and includes greater amounts of vegetables, healthy fats in addition to lean protein,” Glassman says. Also, any good-for-you diet makes room for healthy whole grains, dairy, and legumes.

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