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What Doctors Really Eat

What's on the menu for the nation's top doctors? We asked dozens of them and got some healthy—and delicious—answers

Doctors' Food Secrets

What Doctors Really Eat // health food © Mitch Mandel

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As a physician, I'm used to my patients asking, "What would you do if you were me?" when we're discussing treatment options. Over the past few years, though, they've begun making additional inquiries. "What do you do to stay healthy? Do you eat fat? Sugar? Do you cook?" They see me as someone who has a lifestyle similar to theirs, with a family and a demanding job, but who also has insider knowledge of what really works (and what doesn't).

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That's why I teamed up with the editors of Prevention. I realized that people want to learn more from their doctors—not only what science has found to be effective but what they do in their own lives. We contacted 64 health professionals and asked them for their best tips and recipes. (Plus Dr. Oz’s Head-to-Toe Cures for Stress.) The result is an incredible collection of advice from some of the nation's top experts.

Discover doctors' diet secrets for fast fat burning, sustainable weight loss, and a lifetime of perfect health!  

As we combed through the tips, recipes, and eating plans from our health professionals, we began to notice a pattern. Although personal tastes differ, everyone from the brain doctor to the exercise physiologist follows the same basic eating principles, including these.

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Adapted from What Doctors Eat, by Tasneem Bhatia, MD, and the editors of Prevention. Copyright © 2013 by Rodale Inc. Published by Rodale Inc.

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