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Muscle Building Diet

8 Foods That Help Build Muscle

Muscles don’t just grow in the gym—find out how to pump up your plate (and your body) with these strength-enhancing eats


8 Foods That Help Build Muscle // eggs © Mitch Mandel

Image: Mitch Mandel
There’s a reason eggs seem to top most healthy foods lists these days. Not only are they a lean snack at around 70 calories a pop, but also full of big-time benefits for your muscles. You’ll eat up 6 g of protein and 330 mg of leucine per egg, plus yokes contain the ultra-valuable nutrient choline, which supports acetycholine, the most abundant neurotransmitter in your body. “You can’t expect to train hard without choline,” Kleiner says, “Brain cells can’t be well fed without phospholipids from egg yolks.” She suggests making a protein-packed meal of one whole egg with four egg whites. “You’ll get all of the leucine you need in a serving, as well as the important components of the egg yolk. If you can throw in vegetables, you’ll have a wholesome beginning to your day.”

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