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Healthy Foods: Benefits Eating Organic

7 Reasons to Go Organic

Research shows that you can improve your health and the environment by supporting organic practices

Organic practices support animal welfare

There’s also some peace of mind that comes with eating organic because of the standards farmers must meet for raising their animals. On commercial farms animals are often forced to live in cages so small it restricts movement. They’re also allowed to receive growth hormones that can have serious consequences. Chickens on growth hormones have been known to develop physical deformities or lose the ability to walk, according to research from South Dakota State University.

By law, organic farmers must give their animals access to pasture so they can roam freely and may not supplement animal growth with hormones. These creatures eat 100 percent organic feed and are provided with clean, dry, cage-free living conditions. All of this leads to healthier animals—something we all can feel good about.

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