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6 Foods That Are Holding You Back

Some of these foods tamper with your fitness goals, while others are just plain unhealthy. Learn when to walk away and what to eat instead

Just Say No

6 Foods That Are Holding You Back // stack of bagels © Thinkstock

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Sure, it’s important to eat nutritious meals packed with whole grains, lean protein, and healthy fats every day. Failing to fill up on these good-for-you foods will leave you hungry, grumpy, and too tired to go to the gym. But if you’re eating well and the scale won’t budge, it’s unlikely a result of foods you’re not eating. In fact, many of the things you consume every day—including some that you down in the name of fitness—can stand between you and the body you deserve.

To help you optimize your diet for max results, we spoke with registered dietitians who are also certified trainers, and we asked them which foods you’re better off without. Read on and discover six edibles you’d be advised to skip. Some of them may surprise you!

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