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The 6 Best Foods for Winter

Fill your plate with these ridiculously nutritious cold-weather eats this season

Best Winter Food #3: Garlic

What it does: Wards off cold and flu viruses (and vampires)

Why it works: British researchers recently discovered that garlic may prevent you from getting sick. In the 12-week study of 164 healthy adults, the group of participants that received a garlic supplement reported only 24 colds, while the group that received a placebo reported 64 colds. One explanation is a chemical in garlic called allicin, which may stimulate the production of infection-fighting white blood cells. Whatever the reason, adding garlic to your meals may help you stay above the weather. Just don’t eat too much—you want to keep disease at bay, not your friends and family.

Other virus-blasting foods: Carrots, yogurt, oysters. For more protection against seasonal sickness, also pick up these 15 Foods That Cure.

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