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The 6 Best Foods for Winter

Fill your plate with these ridiculously nutritious cold-weather eats this season

Best Winter Food #1: Oatmeal

What it does: Helps you avoid the winter blues

Why it works: Sunlight signals your body to produce the feel-good hormone serotonin, so winter’s short, dark days may leave you in a less-than-cheery mood. If the doldrums persist, you may even find yourself suffering a serious form of depression known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). But don’t let Jack Frost get you down: Whole grain carbs like oatmeal can give your winter mood a much-needed boost. In an MIT study, researchers found that eating plenty of carbohydrates keeps serotonin levels up and can even prevent cravings for sweets. Refined carbs like doughnuts and white bread can be tempting winter comforts, but these foods will cause your blood sugar to quickly spike then plummet, leaving you in worse spirits than you were before. To stay happy and healthy, opt for whole grains instead. And for more instant secrets that will keep you healthy and fit in 2012, sign up for our FREE Eat This, Not That! daily newsletter.

Other mood-improving foods: Whole wheat bread, brown rice, whole grain cereals, fruit

Did you know: Oats are a slimming, heart-healthy food! Download 9 free recipes that use the mighty grain.

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