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Cheap and Healthy Recipes

5 Meals Under $5

Whip up tasty and nutritious dinners, each for less than a Lincoln

Cheap and Healthy Recipes

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If the thought of loading your platter with fruits and veggies is making you see dollar signs, you’re not entirely mistaken. A recent study conducted by researchers from the University of Washington found that it can, in fact, be pricey to get all the nutrients you need on a regular basis.

But take heart—with a bit of nutritional know-how and culinary creativity, it’s more than possible to whip up a meal for your family that’s not only healthy and tasty, but also within your budget. We talked to Bethany Thayer, RD; Vandana Sheth, RD; and Peggy Martin, lead author of the website Spend Smart, Eat Smart, for cheap and easy dinner options that are sure to impress. Here, five good-for-you meals that each cost less than a Subway foot-long, a month of Netflix and, in some cases, a gallon of gas.*

*Each meal makes four servings. Prices have been calculated from an online grocer and the Bureau of Labor Statistics average food retail prices, and it’s assumed that items such as olive or canola oil, salt, pepper, and other spices, are already available in your kitchen.

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