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Healthy Eating Habits: Health Food Imposters

14 "Health" Foods That Aren't

The authors of the bestselling new book Eat This, Not That! uncover the most misunderstood "health" foods in America. You'll be shocked by what we've found—and you'll never look at health food the same way again.

These Foods Just Sound Healthy


Image: Mitch Mandel

If your weight-loss regimen consists of giving up pizza and cheeseburgers in favor of flaxseeds and rice cakes, it's time to reconsider your strategy. In the hot bestselling book Eat This, Not That! co-authors David Zinczenko and Matt Goulding insist you don't ever have to diet again. You can eat all of your favorite foods and still drop 10, 20, 30 pounds in just a few months!

To do so, though, you must be able to spot the many perilous nutritional traps that continue to plague health-conscious consumers every day. Seemingly nutritious packaged and prepared foods often abound with added sugars, preservatives, and dangerous, belt-breaking fats. To help you slim down in '10, the Eat This, Not That! guys have identified the 14 most punishing health ruses and replaced them with delicious alternatives that will keep you satisfied and give you all the purported nutritional benefits that many of our most beloved foods sadly do not. Just click on the index at left to discover a new, smarter game plan!

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