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Health Benefits of Drinking

12 Reasons to Have a Drink

Cheers to the holiday season—and your health! Celebrate all of the surprising ways booze benefits your body


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Generally speaking, alcohol has a bad rep—drink too much, and you can damage your liver, pack on pounds, and put strain on your heart. But a growing body of research shows that if you imbibe just the right amount—one serving a day for women, two for men—you’ll actually see some serious health benefits, says registered dietician Nicolette Pace, president of NutriSource, Inc. (And just to be clear, you can’t save up all your sips for one day of binge drinking.) In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has even ID’ed moderate drinking as one of the three key healthy lifestyle behaviors that can help you live longer (next to diet and exercise, of course). Raise your glass to these 12 reasons it’s okay to, well…raise a glass!

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