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Flat-Belly Foods and Nutrients

10 Super-Nutrients for a Flat Belly

Lose weight faster—and see results where it matters most—by packing your diet with these secret weapons

Power Up Your Diet for Weight Loss

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There are many reasons to eat a nutritious diet—you want to fend off the nasty bug that’s going around, you want more energy, you want to improve your overall health. But here’s one incentive that will have you running to the produce aisle: a flatter belly.

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If you’d like a toned tummy (and who wouldn’t?), situps and calorie-counting will only get you so far. What you put into your body is just as important as how much you sweat off at the gym.

It’s no surprise that eating a salad will flatten your belly faster than, say, chili-cheese fries—but it’s not just because of the 1,000 calories you’ll save. Feasting on a healthy diet rich in nutrients like calcium, vitamin C, and beta carotene (to name a few) will help you lose inches around your middle and also stave off a host of other diseases. Start loading up on these power-house nutrients today.

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