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10 Despicable Doughnuts

Think twice before grabbing one of these fatty sugar bombs

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10 Despicable Doughnuts // Boston cream doughnut © Thomas MacDonald/Mitch Mandel

Image: Thomas MacDonald/Mitch Mandel
Believe it or not, a cruller or Long John may be a better choice for an occasional breakfast indulgence than one of their circular cousins, the bagel. Doughnuts tend to pack fewer calories and fat than bagels simply because they’re smaller and less dense. But of course, this isn’t always the case. Some rings are nothing more than a fried vehicle to carry chocolate, sprinkles, cream, and calorie-laden nuts. (Clean up your eating habits with this guide to inner and outer beauty.) To make sure this treat doesn’t deliver permanent damage to your gut, we dug around and found some of the worst rings around. Read on to discover more about these 10 disgusting doughnuts.

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