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The #1 Food Scam That Makes You Fat

Some seemingly healthy foods hide hundreds of calories. Find out how to avoid getting ripped off the next time you grab a quick meal

#5: Cedarlane Burrito Grande with Chili Verde Sauce

Listed calories: 230
Servings per box: 2
Total calories: 460

There's one burrito in the box. By listing half a burrito as one serving, Cedarlane is clearly trying to make a typical meal look like a low-calorie meal. It's a particularly offensive serving-size scam when you consider that Cedarlane is a “natural" food company that prides itself on making healthy food convenient.

Fat-Blasting Tip: Think overeating is the only thing keeping you chubby? Not necessarily. You might be an unknowing victim of the 20 Habits That Make You Fat.

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