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The #1 Food Scam That Makes You Fat

Some seemingly healthy foods hide hundreds of calories. Find out how to avoid getting ripped off the next time you grab a quick meal

Serving Size Rip-Offs

The #1 Food Scam That Makes You Fat // Unos pizza © Thomas MacDonald/Mitch Mandel

Image: Thomas MacDonald/Mitch Mandel
Imagine you sign a lease to rent an apartment, and as you’re moving in, you discover your rent money only covers the living room and the closet. To actually use the kitchen, the bedroom, and the bath, you’ll have to pay two or three times what you’d agreed to.

You’d be pretty ticked off, huh?

Well, something like that is happening right now in America’s restaurants and supermarkets, but instead of costing you money, these rip-offs are costing you your health and your waistline.

See, food manufacturers know that you want to eat healthy, so they’re doing everything they can to make their bad-for-you foods look good for you. (Search: Food scams) And their number-one trick is to play with serving size: listing foods as lower in calories than they really are by claiming they serve more people than they really do. In other words, you’ll buy a food, and then discover that if you want to eat everything you bought, you have to pay two, three, even four times the amount of calories you thought you were bargaining for.

Take a look below at some of the hidden fees the food industry is applying to your waistline, compliments of the new Eat This, Not That! 2012.

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