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The #1 Food Scam That Makes You Fat

Some seemingly healthy foods hide hundreds of calories. Find out how to avoid getting ripped off the next time you grab a quick meal

#4: King Size Butterfinger

Listed calories: 160
Servings per package: 3
Total calories: 480

No one would mistake a king-sized chocolate bar for a light snack, but it's often difficult to assess the damage. Take this version of Bart Simpson’s favorite indulgence. The nutrition label states that each serving contains only 160 calories, which sounds pretty good until you realize the package contains three servings. Since this candy is broken up into two bars, that means you’re supposed to eat two-thirds of one of the bars (huh?). Avoid this confusing confection and, if you must indulge, go for a regular-sized bar—at least you won’t need a specialized degree to decipher the label.

The Worst Of The Worst: The American diet is in major need of an overhaul, but there are certain food offenders that cross the line from unhealthy to downright dangerous. In 2012, make it a point to avoid The New 20 Worst Foods in America.

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