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3 Protein-Packed Salad Recipes

Say goodbye to boring lettuce based salads with these nutritious recipes from Michelle Dudash, RD

After you watch the video, check out three nutritious salad recipes (Search: The healthiest salads) from Michelle Dudash, RD, author of the upcoming book Clean Eating for Busy Families.

Tuscan Chicken Salad
Calories: 340 
2 oz. boneless, skinless chicken breast
½ cup halved cherry tomatoes
½ cup green beans
Chopped fresh basil leaves
¼ cup artichoke hearts
1 oz. part-skim mozzarella cheese
½ cup shaved asparagus  
1.5 oz. light Italian or lemon vinaigrette 
Freshly ground black pepper, Italian seasoning and sea salt to taste
Vegan Mango & Black Bean Salad
Calories: 387 
½ cup diced ripe mango
½ cup canned black beans, rinsed and drained
¼ cup roasted red bell peppers
¼ cup diced radish or jicama 
1/5 avocado, sliced
1 tbsp. chopped cilantro
2 tbsp. chopped green onions 
1.5 tbsp. light lime vinaigrette or 2 tbsp salsa
Freshly ground black pepper
Summertime Whole-Grain Quinoa Salad
Calories: 305 
½ cup quinoa, cooked
½ cup diced cucumber
½ cup diced tomato
1 tbsp. chopped mint
1/8 cup feta cheese
1.5 oz. light Greek vinaigrette
2 tbsp. slivered almonds 
Freshly ground black pepper

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