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10 Random Things Runners Ponder While Pounding the Pavement

And you thought your dreams were where you did your best thinking. Think again.

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Lacing up your sneakers and heading out the door for a run? Good for you! While the goal of your workout may be to boost your health and fitness, we can't blame you for letting your mind wonder a bit while you're racking up miles. Check out these 10 random things runners ponder while pounding pavement

1. "Did I lock the door?" Sure, you remembered to grab your keys and tuck them into your sports bra, but what about checking the lock? You continue your run hoping your iPad, shoe collection, and DVDs of OC seasons one through four are still there when you return. 

2. "Mexican food. No, fro-yo. No, sushi." Realistically, choosing your next meal may consume your thought process for a solid 75 percent of your workout. We don't blame you -- just make sure you're choosing foods that restore your energy reserves. The ideal mix? A 3:1 ratio of carbs to protein. 

3. "Don't forget to send boss email when I get home. Don't forget to send boss email when I get home." Someone needs to invent a way for runners to write to-do lists on the go.

4. "I really hope there's not sweat visibly pooling below my butt." I guess that's what you get for choosing neon pink leggings over your go-to black pair. They are super cute, though. 

5. "When was the last time I washed this sports bra?" You consider also adding sports-bra shopping to that hypothetical to-do list.

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6. "I really need a running buddy." Motivating yourself to tackle evening sprints would be a lot easier if you could do them with someone else. Now you just need to convince your friends that runs > happy hour. 

7. "If I don't text him back, he'll definitely text me again later." A workout is the perfect time to debate your love life. Even if things aren't coming up roses with the new guy, at least this run will give you an extra boost of confidence on your first date with the next one. 

8. "If running this interval just slow enough to check my Instagram feed is wrong, I don't want to be right." #runningselfie

9. "It's SO back to sweatpants and Say Yes to the Dress reruns when this is over." Getting out there to work out is a lofty accomplishment and you deserve to reap the benefits. (Maybe just make sure that binge-watching TV session isn't accompanied by a pint of ice cream.)

10. "I'm getting pretty good at this." Another run down, another workout for the books. 

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