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50 Thoughts Every Woman Has When She Wakes Up Early to Work Out

If you can honestly say you love every second of waking up early to get a workout in, we're calling your bluff.

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LOL! June 12, 2014 | By Emily Abbate | Leave a Comment

1. Ugh.
2. What time is it?
3. That iPhone alarm noise may be my least favorite noise of all time.
4. Do I want to do this today?
5. I need to unfriend my "friends" who tag me in Facebook photos after 1 a.m.
6. Is it raining outside?
7. What's the temperature?
8. I'm just going to press sleep once.
9. I should really just get out of bed.
10. Workout now, get fro-yo later.
11. I take that back: Fran Drescher's voice is worse than my alarm.
12. If I could stay laying down and get skinny that would be perfect.
13. If I do workout I could post an Instagram.
14. So. Comfy.

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15. It's hotter in here than usual today.
16. What am I going to eat for breakfast?
17. I really need to invest in some light-blocking shades.
18. Run outside or go to the gym?
19. I hope that sketchy trainer isn't there today.
20. There's no way I can tolerate any sort of peppy instructor today.
21. If I run outside I'll just be able to get it done and come home.
22. Did I wash that pink sports bra?
23. I really need to change my alarm sound.
24. I want eggs.
25. Is it too hot to wear capris?
26. Why is humidity a thing?
27. I really shouldn't have had that third glass of wine last night.
28. I need to buy new capris.
29. 5 more minutes.
30. I can do this.
31. Yup, definitely put my pajamas on backwards.
32. I'll just go to the gym, run sprints, lift weights, come home.

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33. I wish I owned shorts that wouldn't ride up on the treadmill.
34. If I run outside, I could do a workout DVD when I come back.
35. I don't at all match and I don't at all give a damn.
36. Maybe I'll just do the workout DVD.
37. If I avoid carbs today I won't feel that bad for skipping my workout.
38. They definitely didn't film that DVD at 6 in them morning.
39. If I don't workout now, I could just do it tonight.
40. Do I have stuff to make lunch today?
41. I need to stop going to the [drive thru, Panera, overpriced sandwich shop] for lunch.
42. If I workout tonight, that means I'll have to bring my gym clothes to work.
43. Packing a bag? Not happening.
44. I wish working out didn't involve sweating, because then I could workout at lunch.
45. I really need to update my playlist.
46. How am I already craving fro-yo at 6:14 a.m.?
47. I need to put a homing device on my sneakers.
48. I don't remember the last time I washed my sheets.
49. I can't believe I'm actually doing this.
50. I will be happy that I did this later. I will be happy that I did this later.

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