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A New, High-Tech Fork Could Help You Get Fit

Courtesy of HAPILABS

If your parents scolded you for for eating too quickly as a kid, you'll feel right at home with HAPILABS latest gadget, HAPIfork, which debuted at International CES this week.

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The high-tech eating tool monitors how quickly you eat and saves that data to an app on your smartphone. If you eat too fast, you'll feel gentle vibrations and the fork's indicator lights will flash on. It keeps track of how many forkfuls you eat during a meal--and how many you take per meal.  Additionally, the smart fork monitors the time you start and stop eating, and the length of your meal. It also enables you to share your progress with friends—if you're feeling brave.

The premise behind this tech-y fork: The slower you eat, the more time it gives your body to recognize when you're full. However this isn't the first utensil programmed to help you lose. My Diet Dinnerware operates under a similar theory. The electronic spoon and fork flash a red light for 25 seconds to signal you to stop eating. Then, a green light appears for 40 seconds, indicating that you can continue chowing down.

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While slowing down can help you drop pounds, how fast you eat isn't the only contributor to weight gain. When you eat and what you eat plays a big role as well. The HAPI fork will be available later this year but before you rush to the store, try following these weight loss rules first.

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